What to Wear to Driving Range?

A driving range is an area where golfers can practice their golf swings and work on their long game by hitting balls into an open field. Driving ranges provide golfers with a place to warm up before a round or improve their skills through repetition and practice.

Is there a Dress Code at Driving Ranges?

Most driving ranges do not have an official dress code or require golfers to wear traditional golf attire. However, some higher-end driving ranges that are associated with golf courses or country clubs may have stricter dress codes requiring a collared shirt and prohibiting jeans, gym clothes, etc. When in doubt, call ahead to check on any dress code restrictions to be safe rather than sorry!

Recommended Clothing for Driving Range

Here are some tips on what to wear to be comfortable and perform your best at the driving range:

  • Breathable athletic shirts or polos – Avoid heavy, hot fabrics that could interfere with your swing.
  • Stretchy athletic shorts or pants – Go for something lightweight that allows full range of motion.
  • Athletic shoes – Opt for shoes with good traction and support. Golf shoes are ideal but sneakers also work.
  • Layers – Bring along a light jacket or vest in case of chillier weather.
  • Hat or visor – Keep the sun out of your eyes while you swing.

Here are the best options for shoes to be worn at the driving range:

  • Golf shoes – Golf shoes provide excellent traction, support, and stability for swinging. The spikes or soft spikes grip the turf and keep you anchored throughout your swing. They are designed for golf-specific movements.
  • Sneakers – Athletic sneakers or training shoes work well for the driving range too. Look for sneakers with good lateral support and stability. The tread provides decent traction on grass and mats.
  • Tennis shoes – Tennis shoes share similarities with golf shoes, giving you traction and lateral movement for swinging. The soles are usually flatter than sneakers.
  • Avoid hard leather shoes or dress shoes – The slick soles provide little traction and stability for a golf swing.

Typical Attire for Men

  • Golf shirts or polos – Breathable, dri-fit fabric golf shirts are very common. A polo shirt provides range of motion.
  • Golf pants or shorts – Lightweight golf pants or shorts allow athletic movement and air flow on hot days. Stretch fabrics are popular.
  • Athletic shoes – Golf shoes with spikes or sneakers are standard footwear. Sturdy traction is ideal.
  • Wind pants/jackets – In cooler weather, wind pants or light jackets make good layered outerwear at the range.

Typical Attire for Women

  • Golf shirts or tanks – Breathable golf shirts and tanks allow full range of motion for the swing. Dri-fit fabrics help with sweat.
  • Golf skorts – Skorts provide airflow and keep legs cool. They allow for free movement.
  • Athletic shoes – Golf shoes with soft spikes or athletic sneakers provide good traction and support.
  • Yoga pants or leggings – Stretchy yoga pants or leggings move easily with the body.
  • Wind jacket – A lightweight wind jacket adds warmth during chilly weather at the range.


When heading to the driving range, functionality and comfort should be your priorities in selecting attire. Anything stretchy, breathable and lightweight will allow you the full range of motion needed to practice your golf swing properly. Proper athletic shoes also provide necessary support and traction. Remember to check if there is a dress code, but most driving ranges allow for casual athletic wear.


Can I wear jeans to the driving range?

Most driving ranges will allow jeans, but athletic pants or shorts are better for full mobility.

Do I need special golf shoes for the driving range?

Golf shoes are ideal but regular athletic shoes with good traction will also work.

Should I wear a belt at the driving range?

elts are not necessary and could restrict your swing. Opt for stretchy shorts or pants that fit comfortably without a belt.

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