What is an Albatross in Golf?

Getting the lowest score possible is what every golfers wants to achieve. While birdies and eagles are well-known achievements, there exists a rare and extraordinary feat known as an “albatross.” This elusive accomplishment is celebrated by golfers worldwide for its rarity and difficulty in the play. We will delve into what an albatross is in golf and just how rare it really is

An albatross, also referred to as a “double eagle,” occurs when a golfer completes a hole in three strokes under par. In other words, it happens when a player scores a “2” on a par-5 hole. This exceptional achievement is arguably the rarest and most challenging to accomplish in the game of golf.

Difficulty and Odds of Albatross

Due to the level of precision and skill needed to score an albatross, it remains an exceptionally rare occurrence in golf. The odds of a professional golfer making an albatross are estimated to be around 1 in 6,000 rounds played

To accomplish an albatross, a golfer must hit a near-perfect shot or series of shots. For instance, on a par-5 hole, the player must have an outstanding drive, followed by an exceptional second shot, and then sink a lengthy putt to complete the hole in just three strokes. Such a sequence of nearly flawless execution is what makes the albatross so elusive and memorable to both players and viewers.

Albatross vs Eagle

In order to understand the rarity of an albatross, it is essential to distinguish it from another impressive golfing feat – the “eagle.” An eagle is achieved when a golfer completes a hole in two strokes under par. For example, on a par-5 hole, an eagle is scored when the player completes the hole in three strokes. While eagles are celebrated and sought-after, an albatross takes this achievement to an entirely different level by requiring one less stroke on the same hole.

Is an Albatross Better than a Hole-in-One?

The ultimate golf debate- is an albatross better than a hole-in-one? Well that entirely depends on how you look at it. Both are extremely rare achievements in golf and both come with their own unique excitement. Lets answer this question once and for all:


  • A hole-in-one is a shot that goes directly from the tee into the hole on a par 3 course. It is a golfers dream and is of course super rare to be able to sink the golf ball in one swoop.
  • An albatross is making a hole in 3 strokes or fewer for the par of that hole. This is extremely rare also and requires extreme skill and ball placement if you want to pull this one off.


  • Hitting a hole-in-one requires a precision shot (and of course some luck). You could hit the same swing hundreds of times and it pay never drop into the hole. You need to get the ball exactly where you need it to be and it is a very difficult shot to pull off and execute.
  • An albatross demands not just 1, but a series of perfect shots. You need to have a perfect drive, chip and putt all in succession to be able to pull off this. It requires immense skill and consistency if you want to pull it off.


  • A hole-in-one is a moment of pure excitement! The crowd can watch the tee off drop straight into the hole and everyone knows that the golfer has pulled off a hole-in-one.
  • An albatross will not have the same impact as a hole-in-one. It may not be noticed as easily by the crowds but it is a badge of honor showcasing the skills and understanding of the game.

Final Thoughts

An albatross in golf is the holy grail of accomplishments, a rare and elusive feat that exemplifies the precision, skill, and elements of chance inherent in the game. The near-perfect execution required to achieve an albatross sets it apart from other achievements in golf, and those fortunate enough to claim this accomplishment secure a place in golfing history. A hole-in-one is still pretty awesome too!

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