Good Good Putter: Overview

Among the newer entrants into the competitive golf equipment market is the upstart brand Good Good. Good Good aims to fuse performance and style for the next generation of golfers. One of their most popular offerings is their line of blade and mallet style putters packed with unique technology.

Good Good putters feature sleek, modern designs geared towards millennial and Gen Z players. The Good Good Putter lineup consists of five models:

  • Lefty Mallet: Face-balanced mallet available in 34 and 35 inch lengths, featuring a single copper weight in the back cavity.
  • Two Way Blade: Heel-toe weighted blade offered in 34 and 35 inches, combining aluminum and heavy copper weights.
  • Icon 2.0 Blade: Precision milled 303 stainless steel blade with carbon fiber damping, 34 or 35 inch lengths.
  • Wing It Mallet: High MOI mallet with wing-shaped alignment aid and tungsten weighting, 34 or 35 inches.
  • Boss Man: Counterbalanced mallet with adjustable sole weights, available in 34, 35, and 37 inch lengths.

Key Tech in Good Good Putters

  • Multi-Material Weighting: Strategic placement of weights like copper, aluminum, and tungsten to optimize MOI and stability based on head shape and balance.
  • Interchangeable Weights: Allow customization of swing weight and feel on the Boss Man and Lefty models.
  • Carbon Fiber Dampening: Multi-directional carbon fiber insert on the Icon 2.0 enhances feel, impact, and reduces vibration.
  • Roll Control Face Milling: Precisely CNC milled stainless faces on the Icon 2.0 and Two Way provide optimized roll without skidding.
  • Premium Grips: Custom Good Good grips featuring unique patterns for improved traction, tackiness, and vibration absorption.
  • Custom Shaft Lengths: Available in 34 to 37 inches to accommodate different player heights and stroke lengths.

Pros of Good Good Putters

  • Innovative Styling: Sleek shapes and color schemes attract younger golfers who want both performance and aesthetic flair.
  • Premium Materials: Aircraft-grade metals, carbon fiber, and exotic copper offer pleasing acoustics, feel, and weight distribution.
  • Forgiving Designs: Perimeter weighting, MOI, and alignment aids optimize distance control across the face.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: CNC milling and precision manufacturing result in outstanding roll and consistency.
  • Enhanced Feel: Multi-material construction and carbon dampening amplify impact response.

Drawbacks of Good Good Putters

  • Expensive Price: The exotic metals, custom components, and premium branding make them higher priced than many competitors.
  • Novel Brand: As a newcomer brand, Good Good lacks the established name recognition of other companies.
  • Polarizing Styles: The bold shapes, colors, and alignment aids may not appeal to traditionalists.

Good Good Putters vs Competitors

  • Feel and Feedback: On par with milled putters thanks to quality CNC manufacturing and exotic materials.
  • Innovation: More modern aesthetics, premium metals, and custom options than most brands.
  • Distance Control: Forgiveness and MOI improve consistency for amateurs on mishits versus many blade styles.
  • Accuracy: Excellent ball roll and aim alignment aids match up well against other top models.
  • Cost and Value: The price matches premium putter brands though materials justify costs.

Our View on Good Good Putters

Here are our thoughts based on reviewing and testing Good Good putters:

  • Innovative Tech: Good Good putters don’t just rely on visual flair. Technologies like multi-material weighting, adjustable weights, milled faces, and carbon dampening enhance performance.
  • Appealing Aesthetics: The sleek shapes, exotic metals, and vibrant colors give Good Good putters huge visual appeal for younger players.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Precision CNC milling and aircraft-grade metals result in excellent roll, feel, and forgiveness.
  • Custom Options: Interchangeable weights and lengths enable fitting the putters to individual needs and stroke traits.
  • Forgiving Performance: Perimeter weighting and alignment aids provide consistency across the face for amateurs.
  • Premium Materials: Exotic copper, aluminum, carbon and tungsten offer great acoustic feedback and feel.

Overall, we are impressed by the blend of technology, playability, and craftsmanship from this newcomer. The unique identity targets the modern golfer perfectly and we recommend. Given the momentum of the brand, expect even more designs and tech integration as they aim to shake up the market. While not yet an industry leader, Good Good’s unique identity carves out a niche for the discerning modern golfer.

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