Golf Yardage Books (2023)

Yardage books are an essential tool for many professional and amateur golfers. These detailed books provide precise yardages and other key information to help golfers strategize and pull off precise shots. Understanding when and how to use a yardage book can give you an edge on the course.

Yardage books contain highly accurate measurements of each hole on a golf course. They provide the specific yardages to key targets and hazards for each hole. Books include overhead diagrams of holes with vital details marked. They also have notes on optimal landing zones, trouble to avoid, and preferred shot shapes. Yardage books provide golfers with comprehensive knowledge to step up and execute shots with conviction.

When To Use Yardage Books

  • On tee shots, they recommend target lines off the tee for ideal positioning. You can plot precise carry distances with each club.
  • Approach the green with precision. Know exact distances to pins, sections of greens, and hazards around the green.
  • Inform club selection based on your strengths and weaknesses. Choose the right club for each distance and desired shot shape.
  • Read putts and visualize breaks better with diagrams of green contours and slopes.

How To Make the Most of a Yardage Book

  • Take notes during practice rounds on aspects like wind, hole locations, trouble spots, and your distances.
  • Mark target lines and aim points for drives and approaches. Color code for visual cues.
  • Note prevailing wind directions and their effect on shots for each hole.
  • Mark locations of sprinkler heads and other quirky course features.
  • Update with hole locations as pins change day to day.

The best custom yardage books become a golfer’s personalized guide around the course. They remove doubt on the tee and allow aggressiveness when the time is right. Knowing the holes inside and out breeds confidence. Don’t underestimate the power of preparation armed with your yardage book.

Our Golf Course Yardage Books Recommendations

  1. Waterproof Golf Yardage Book with Golf scorecard Book– Each yardage book provides detailed diagrams of each hole with precise distances to targets and hazards for dialing in each shot. The 100+ page books have room to log 30 rounds of 18 holes with scorecards and shot tracking.
  2. CADDENT GOLF Yardage Book– This pocket-sized 5.5″ x 3.5″ yardage book includes hole diagrams, shot logging, and statistics tracking. Log club selection and distances for each shot to understand your tendencies.
  3. Refillable Golf Scorecard Holder– Keep track of your rounds in classic style with this full grain leather scorecard holder and yardage book cover. With space for 50 scorecards, this 4.5″ x 6″ holder includes a high quality scorecard book to log your games.

Yardage books take time to create and study properly. But that investment pays off by removing surprises and helping execute your best golf. Let the yardage book guide your preparation and in-round strategy. It provides the roadmap to navigate each hole effectively and card your best possible score.

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