Golf Games for 5 Players

Golf with your buddies is great, but let’s be honest – playing the same old stroke play round after round can start to feel repetitive. Don’t get me wrong, I love trying to post a low score and beat my friends fair and square. But mixing things up with some friendly competition or side challenges can take a golf outing from fun to downright memorable! Thats why trying a different golf game can help improve your game.

That’s why I put together this list of 5 player golf games which are great golf games that are perfect for a fivesome looking to change up their usual routine. These games are easy to set up, keep things exciting, and bring out the competitive juices in all involved. Trust me, you’ll be strategic partners one hole and heated rivals the next!

Now let’s get to those games so you can start livening up your golf outings! I promise you won’t miss plain old strokeplay once you’ve tried these out…Golf is about having fun too!

Game 1: Scramble

The scramble format is a golf classic for a reason – it’s just plain fun! Here’s how it works:

All players tee off each hole. Then the group decides which tee shot they like the best and mark that as the spot to play the next shots from. So if one of your buddies just piped one 300 yards down the middle, his ball is the one and we can forget about the other dodgy shots from the rest of the group.

Once the best tee ball is picked, every player plays from that spot for their second shot. Again, the best second shot is chosen, and all play from there for their third shots. This continues until the ball is holed out.

The scramble format is great because it keeps things moving and lets you learn from your buddies’ good shots. If someone sticks an approach close, you all get to putt for birdie! It also takes the pressure off higher handicappers a bit since you’re playing the best of your combined talents, so its a great one to play with your friends who may be less experienced than you so everyone has a fair shot!

Of course with a format like this, there can be some disagreement about which shot is actually the “best” one. That’s part of the fun! Just remember, don’t be shady and claim your shot is closer than it really is. So grab your squad and give a scramble a try – I guarantee it will be a nice change of pace from solo stroke play. Just try not to get too heated arguing over whose mediocre shot is least mediocre!

Game 2: Bingo Bango Bongo

This game adds excitement to every single hole, especially the par 3s. It works as follows:

  • The first person in the group to get their ball onto the green wins the Bingo point for that hole. So you’ll be racing to pipe your tee shot or stick your approach close to be in with a shot
  • After everyone makes it onto the putting surface, the golfer whose ball is closest to the hole gets the Bango point. This is where you can get strategic with your approaches.
  • Finally, the first player to hole out gets the Bongo point for the hole. No laying up your putts here – slam them home!

You tally up the Bingo, Bango, Bongo points for the full round. Whoever has the most points wins. You can play where Bingo is worth one point, Bango two points, and Bongo three points to assign more significance to holing putts. This game transforms what’s normally a calm putting green into a cutthroat competition for closest approach and quickest putt. And on par 3s, one great tee shot can win you two or even all three points!

Bingo Bango Bongo keeps you locked in on every hole and every shot. There’s just no time to relax! With lots of scoring on the line for your whole fivesome, things are sure to get spirited so it is a great one to try and keeps everyone in the hole and in each shot fighting for those points.

Game 3: Wolf

Wolf is a fun game that adds an element of strategy and pressure. On each hole, players take turns being the “Wolf” who goes last and gets to pick the order of play.

Here’s how it works:

  • On the first tee, decide randomly who will be the Wolf for the first hole.
  • The Wolf then announces where each player will hit tee shots in order from first to last. So they have control over who has to hit first, second, third or last on that hole.
  • After the tee shots, the Wolf hits last. Once everyone has teed off, normal golf rules and order of play resumes.
  • On the next hole, the Wolf responsibility rotates to the next player.

Being the Wolf each hole gives you some nice advantages – like seeing everyone else’s tee shots first and then choosing the order to put pressure on your opponents. But it also adds pressure because you have to follow the tee shots you just assigned. If you make one of your buddies hit first and they bomb one 300 yards down the middle, you better step up and match it!

The Wolf role rotates each hole, so you get to strategize about when you want to take on the power and pressure of being the Wolf. Do you use it on short par 4s where you can get aggressive? Or use it on long holes where going last is an advantage?

Game 4: Blind Holes

Want to add some excitement, suspense, and trust to your round? Try playing blind holes!

Here’s how it works:

  • At the beginning of the round, each player gets 2 or 3 “Blind Hole” tokens.
  • On any tee box, you can declare you want that hole to be a Blind Hole and turn in one of your tokens.
  • On a Blind Hole, all players tee off without looking at where the fairway, green, hazards etc are located. You tee and swing blind!
  • After everyone hits their tee shots, you can look to find your balls and play the hole out normally.

Not knowing where your tee shot is headed adds a whole new level of suspense and surprise. You really have to trust your instincts and ability to visualize the hole. Blind Holes often lead to some crazy results – balls ending up way left, way right, or even backwards! Once you start finding your balls, the laughs and amazement at the outcomes begin.


So there you have it – 5 awesome golf games that will make your next round with friends way more entertaining than standard stroke play. It’s amazing how introducing some friendly competition, teamwork, and strategic choices can take a golf outing to the next level. I love how these games turn opponents into partners, then back into rivals. One hole you’re rooting for your teammate, the next you’re scheming to take them down!

Trust me, once you try out scrambles, Bingo Bango Bongo, Wolf, Blind Holes you’ll find it very hard to go back to playing plain old golf. Feel free to mix and match games too – variety is the spice of life! So grab four other golf maniacs and get out there. Don’t just play golf – play games! Let your competitive and creative juices flow. I guarantee your group will have more stories and laughs than ever before and it may show you different ways to enhance your golf game for real! Of course all of these 5 player golf games can be adapted and played for four player golf games.


Can 5 people play golf at once?

Yes, 5 golfers can play together in one group called a 5-some. To maintain pace, they should limit time looking for lost balls and be ready to hit when ready. Play order goes by who is furthest from the hole. Some courses may restrict when 5-somes can play to avoid congestion, so call ahead about group size. With proper etiquette, a group of 5 can have an enjoyable round together.

How do you scramble with 5 people in golf?

In a 5-person scramble, all golfers hit drives then pick the best shot and mark that spot. Then each person hits the next shot from there, again picking the best second shot. This continues until holing out. Scrambles with 5 work well since you’re combining talents. Just be sure to follow proper handicapping rules to make teams fair.

Do golf courses allow fivesomes?

  • Fivesomes (groups of 5 players) are typically the maximum size group allowed at most courses. Any larger than 5 can significantly slow down pace of play.
  • Some courses may restrict when fivesomes are allowed to play. For example, a course may only allow them at certain less busy times to avoid congestion on the course.
  • It’s always best to call the course in advance to check their policy on fivesomes. Some higher-end or private clubs may not allow groups of 5 at all.
  • When playing as a fivesome, it’s important to keep pace of play in mind. Limit time spent looking for lost balls, be ready to play your shot when it’s your turn, and don’t delay on the greens.

Can you play Wolf with 5 golfers?

Yes, the golf game Wolf can be played with 5 players. On each hole, one player is the Wolf who goes last and picks the order the other 4 golfers tee off. The Wolf role rotates each hole. With 5 golfers, it adds extra strategy in picking the order as Wolf. Just don’t let the power go to your head when you’re the Wolf!

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