Degree of Gap Wedges Explained

In the intricate world of golf clubs, one contender often flies under the radar yet wields incredible power: the gap wedge. It’s the unsung hero of your short game, bridging the distance between your pitching and sand wedges. But here’s the twist – gap wedges come in various degrees, each a potential game-changer.

Chipping vs Pitching

Introducing the captivating world of chipping and pitching in golf – two techniques that stand as a crossroads between finesse and strategy. But what sets these two apart? Which technique should you master to finesse your short game? Join us as we delve into the nuances of chipping vs. pitching. Get ready to uncover the secrets behind these subtle, yet game-altering strokes. The green awaits, and the choice is yours – chip or pitch?

What is the Flat Cat Putter Grip?

Frustrated with your putting and lack of consistency on the greens? It might be time to shake up your grip. Enter the Flat Cat – a unique putter grip designed to improve alignment, stroke path, and face angle for incredible accuracy. Say goodbye to the yips and gain confidence on the greens with the revolutionary Flat Cat!

What is a Double Cross in Golf?

Every golfer wants to hit the ball straight and true towards their intended target on every shot. However, the golf swing is a complex motion and even slight errors in your setup, takeaway, transition or impact can send your ball veering offline in the blink of an eye. One of the most frustrating ball flights …

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What Does Up and Down Mean in Golf?

In golf, “up and down” simply refers to a situation where a player misses the green with their approach shot and manages to get the ball into the hole in two more strokes. This typically involves a chip or pitch shot followed by a successful putt to secure the par. The ultimate goal of going …

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Do You Need Golf Shoes? How To Select The Best Pair

Selecting the best golf shoe is a crucial aspect of enhancing your performance and enjoyment on the golf course. Golf shoes are highly recommended during play for several reasons, including providing stability, comfort, and traction to maintain balance throughout your swing. With a variety of golf shoe options available, it’s essential to understand the different …

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Stinger vs Punch Shot

“Stinger” and “Punch Shot” are two distinct shot techniques in golf that players use to control ball flight and trajectory, especially in challenging conditions. While they both involve hitting the ball low to the ground, they have different objectives and execution methods. We will discuss the two shots and advantages and disadvantages of both so …

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Can You Clean Golf Clubs with WD-40?

As golfers, we often seek innovative and unique solutions to keep our clubs in pristine condition. One such controversial method that has gained attention is cleaning golf clubs with WD-40, a versatile lubricant and solvent. We will discuss the benefits and risks of using WD-40 for golf club maintenance, providing you with valuable insights to …

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