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Types of Putters: Choosing The Right Putter

Among the most important golf clubs, yet most perplexing to shop for, is the putter. With the sheer number of shapes, sizes, and styles available today, choosing the right putter model can be challenging. This comprehensive guide examines the primary putter categories, from traditional blades to modern mallets and counterbalanced options, to determine the optimal …

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When to Use 60 Degree Wedge

A 60 degree wedge has a loft of 60 degrees, meaning the face angle is 60 degrees relative to the shaft. This is the highest loft of any mainstream wedge on the market. The extreme loft enables golfers to hit very high, short shots that land softly. Other common lofts for wedges include: So the …

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How To Hit Bunker Shots

Bunkers are one of the most challenging obstacles in golf. But with proper technique and practice, hitting bunker shots can become a strength. Learn the keys to technique, setup, and execution to get up and down from the sand more consistently. Assessing the Lie of Shot Bunker Swing Bunker Shot Club and Shot Selection Bunker …

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Simple Steps to Stop Topping the Golf Ball

Does your ball stubbornly hug the fairway after a weak, topped shot? Are you losing distance and accuracy from this painful mishap? Topping the ball is a common fault robbing golfers of their full potential. But you can banish topped shots for good with a few simple adjustments to your swing technique.

8 Best Exercises for Senior Golfers

As we get older, our bodies need targeted exercise to maintain and improve the flexibility, balance, strength, and coordination required for peak golf performance. Without proper fitness, senior golfers face higher risks of common injuries like low back and shoulder pain. Staying active is also key for maintaining mobility and energy levels to play 18 …

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How to Hit a Draw in Golf

Have you ever found yourself captivated by those awe-inspiring draws gracefully gliding through the fairway? We’re going to discuss draw is, the key steps to executing the perfect draw, when to unleash this powerful shot, the best clubs for drawing. What is a Draw? A draw is a golf shot that elegantly arcs from right …

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What is a Fade in Golf?

A fade is a golf shot that glides with a controlled left-to-right spin (for righties) or right-to-left (for the lefty crowd). It’s not like those wild slices that send your ball into the rough – no, no! The fade is a more refined, accurate, and strategic move that adds finesse and precision to your game. …

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