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Every golfer knows the painful sight of scratch marks marring the face of their trusty clubs. From sand explosions out of bunkers to rocks hiding in the rough, it’s almost inevitable that your irons and wedges will get nicked up over time. Small scratches might not seem like a big deal at first. But they degrade clubface smoothness and cost you spin and precision on shots. Before long, your scoring ability suffers.

Luckily, specialized scratch removers exist to restore your clubs and have them looking and performing like new again. These products contain abrasives to sand down scratches along with polishing compounds to return the face to pristine smoothness. However, not all removers are created equal. The best provide fast and effective scratch erasing without damaging the clubface.

In this article, I’ll be reviewing the top 5 golf club scratch removers on the market right now. I evaluated numerous products and narrowed it down to the very best based on scratch removing ability, ease of use, quality of materials, and overall value for money. Whether your iron has a few surface marks or is totally shredded from the sand, one of these removers will have it ready for the course again in no time.

Types of Scratches on Golf Clubs

There are several common types of scratches that can occur on golf club faces:

  • Sand scratches – Caused by hitting shots out of bunkers. Sand particles scratch into the grooves and clubface. Generally shallow but have a wide area.
  • Rock/gravel scratches – Caused by hitting off hard or rocky areas like waste bunkers. Creates deeper gouges and nicks.
  • Groove scratches – Damage to the face grooves from normal wear and tear. Reduces spin and control.
  • Toe/heel scratches – Scratches along the toe and heel areas from striking balls off-center.
  • Bag chatter – Fine scratches caused by the club rattling against other clubs in the golf bag. Leads to clouding.
  • Drag marks – Surface scratches from the clubhead dragging on the ground while swinging.
  • Alignment aid scratches – Caused by alignment line tools that imprint on the clubface.
  • Face dot scratches – Damage around impact dots on clubface from gear interactions.
  • Driver crown scratches – Marks on top of driver heads from contact with other clubs or surfaces.
  • Putter face scratches – Scuffing on putter faces from improper stroking or cleaning.

Identifying the scratch type helps determine the best repair method to use and ensures the original clubface is restored.

How Does A Golf Club Scratch Remover Work?

A golf club scratch remover works through a multi-step process to erase scratches and blemishes from the clubface:

  1. Abrasives – Most removers contain abrasive materials like aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, or diamond particles. These abrasives breakdown and grind away at scratches on the clubface surface when rubbed over them.
  2. Lubricants – Lubricating oils and waxes are added to allow the abrasives to move smoothly over the clubface and get into scratches. The lubricants prevent additional unnecessary scratching.
  3. Polishing – After abrasives remove the scratches, polishing compounds fill in and smooth out the newly sanded surface. These seal the face and restore gloss and luster.
  4. Protective Barrier – Some removers contain protective barriers like acrylic that guard the polished clubface from future scratches and oxidation.
  5. Cleaning/Prepping – Cleaners degrease and prepare the clubface prior to use. This allows the remover to work most effectively.

Best Scratch Remover For Golf Clubs

Club Doctor – Golf Club Polish

The Club Doctor Golf Polish is an all-in-one scratch remover and polishing compound formulated specifically for golf clubs. It contains ultra-fine abrasives to grind down scratches along with protective oils and acrylic sealants. The Polish has versatile applicators like buffing pads and cloths ideal for irons, woods, and putters. It is safe for all club face materials.

  • Rapid Scratch Removal – Its ultra-fine abrasives quickly break down and remove moderate scratches and groove marks with just one buffing.
  • Protective Polish – The oils fill in sanding scratches for a polished, glossy finish and acrylic leaves a protective barrier.
  • Safe On All Materials – Suitable for use on stainless steel, carbon steel, forged irons, metals, graphite, and putter faces.
  • Versatile Applicators – Comes with buffing pads and cloths ideal for irons, woods, and putters.
  • Great Value – A little goes a long way thanks to its highly-concentrated formula. Bundled applicators add extra value.

My Rating of Club Doctor

Rating: 4/ 5 Stars

The Club Doctor Golf Polish performs excellently to remove moderate scratches, nicks, and groove marks from irons, wedges, drivers, and even putters. I’m thoroughly impressed with how quickly it can sand down and polish out blemishes after just a single buffing session. The included applicator pads also make the process easy and mess-free

While it can’t fully remove or repair deep gouges on heavily damaged clubs, it works magic on surface scratches. The polished finish leaves clubfaces with a like-new shine and protected barrier against future scratches. Given the high-quality concentrated formula, bundled applicators, and versatility across all club types, this remover provides tremendous value.

In conclusion, I highly recommend the Club Doctor Golf Polish as an outstanding scratch remover that can restore your clubs to optimal playing condition. The polish and protection it provides will have you swinging confidently once again in no time. For mid-level club damage, it’s the ideal solution. I happily give this scratch remover 4.5 stars out of 5 for performance and value. Your clubs deserve it!

Berkland Golf Club Polish

The Berkland Golf Club Polish is a 3-step scratch remover kit tailored for irons and woods. It comes with a 8 oz bottle of Abrasive Cleanser containing aluminum oxide to grind away scratches. A 4 oz jar of Polishing Cream fills in sanding marks for a smooth, glossy finish. It also includes a 6 oz can of Protectant Spray to seal the renewed clubface from future scratches and corrosion.

  • Complete 3-Step Process – All necessary scratch removal products included.
  • Coarse and Soft Pads – Allows aggressive scrubbing and gentle polishing.
  • Aluminum Oxide Cleanser – Rapidly erases surface scratches with less passes.
  • Protectant Spray – Shields clubface from re-scratching or rusting.
  • Step-by-Step Instructions – Guides beginners through the process.

My Rating of Berkland Golf Polish

Rating: 4/ 5 Stars

The Berkland Golf Club Polish kit contains everything needed to fully renew scratched and rusted clubs. The cleanser quickly erases topical blemishes, the polish restores sheen, and the protectant locks it in. While deep gouges require repeated applications, the system effectively resurfaces clubfaces. My only gripe is the bulkiness for transport. Otherwise, it’s a complete and easy-to-use scratch removal system worthy of 4 out of 5 stars.

In summary, this all-inclusive Berkland kit rejuvenates worn, scratched irons and woods to like-new condition. With the step-by-step instructions, even beginners can achieve professional-level club refurbishing. For those willing to put in the elbow grease, it’s a great value for complete scratch removal.

Bite Golf Club and Grip Cleaner

The Bite Golf Club and Grip Cleaner is an all-natural formula containing walnut shells to gently remove dirt, grime, and surface scratches from clubfaces and grips. It contains no harsh chemicals or abrasives. The cleaner comes in a large 16 oz bottle with a spray nozzle for application.

  • All-Natural Ingredients – Walnut shells safely remove scratches.
  • Dual-Purpose – Cleans grips and clubfaces.
  • Non-Toxic Formula – No harsh chemicals used.
  • Large Volume – 16 oz bottle provides many uses.
  • Spray Nozzle – Allows easy and controlled application.

My Rating of Bite Golf Club Cleaner

Rating: 3/ 5 Stars

The all-natural Bite Golf Cleaner pleasantly surprised me. Though not as heavy-duty as chemical abrasives, the walnut shells effectively erased superficial scratches and restored luster to my irons. I also enjoyed having a non-toxic cleaner for my grips. While it can’t fix deep scratches, it’s ideal for routine club maintenance and cleaning. For an eco-friendly, chemical-free formula, Bite Golf gets 3.5 stars.

Simply Kleen USA Golf Club Cleaner 

The Simply Kleen USA Golf Club Cleaner is a gentle, non-abrasive formula for cleaning club heads. It contains detergents and degreasers to break down dirt along with gloss enhancers. The cleaner comes in a 12 oz spray bottle for easy rinsing and wiping.

  • Non-Abrasive Formula – Won’t scratch clubfaces.
  • Detergents Remove Dirt – Breaks down grime and grass buildup.
  • Degreasers – Eliminate oily residue.
  • Gloss Enhancers – Restore shine to clubheads.
  • Spray Application – Enables rinsing and wiping.

My Rating of Simply Kleen Golf Club Cleaner

Rating: 3/ 5 Stars

While the Simply Kleen Cleaner excels at removing dirt and oily buildup on clubheads, it did little to improve fine scratches. Without any polishing oils or fillers, the cleaner left minor blemishes intact. However, it does provide a nice glossy finish after rinsing. For deep cleaning without scratch removal, it earns 2 stars.

Overall, I’d recommend the Simply Kleen spray as a maintenance cleaner for clubs, not a scratch remover. Use it to break down residue after rounds. For scratch removal, pair it with a separate polishing compound for best results. It’s a nice complement, but not a standalone solution.


In conclusion, keeping your golf clubs in pristine condition is not only a matter of pride but also essential for maintaining peak performance on the course. Golf club scratch removers are invaluable tools in your golf bag maintenance arsenal. We’ve explored a range of top-notch options, each with its unique features and benefits. Whether you prefer a simple DIY solution or a specialized product, there’s a scratch remover to suit your needs.

Remember, regular maintenance not only enhances the longevity of your golf clubs but also ensures consistent performance. So, take the time to invest in the right golf scratch remover and give your clubs the care they deserve. Your swing and overall game will thank you for it. Happy golfing!


How do you get scratches out of golf clubs?

To remove scratches from golf clubs, soak the clubheads in warm, soapy water, then gently scrub with a soft brush. For deeper scratches, consider a golf club scratch remover as discussed above or fine-grit sandpaper, being careful not to overdo it. Finish by rinsing, drying, and inspecting your clubs for any remaining blemishes.

Does WD 40 remove scratches from stainless steel?

WD-40 may help reduce the visibility of minor surface scratches on stainless steel. Apply it to the scratch, rub gently, and wipe off any excess. However, it may not work on deep or significant scratches. Always test on a small area first.

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