Best Mallet Putter Cover (2023)

A mallet putter is a type of golf putter that has a larger and rounded head compared to a traditional blade putter. Some key features of mallet putters include:

  • Head Design – The head is much larger, heavier and has a semi-circular or rounded shape. This provides stability and consistency while putting.
  • Alignment – Mallet putters have lines, dots, circles or other markings on the top that help with alignment and aim. This aids in hitting straighter putts.
  • Perimeter Weighting – Weight is distributed around the perimeter of the head. This increases the moment of inertia for added stability on off-center hits.
  • Customizable Options – Many allow for adjustable weights and lie angles to customize feel and performance.
  • Forgiving – The larger sweet spot and weight distribution make mallet putters more forgiving on mis-hits.
  • Stability – The design keeps the putter stable throughout the stroke and at impact for consistent putting.

Do You Need a Putter Cover?

Using a putter cover is optional, but there are some potential benefits to having one:

  • Protection – A putter cover prevents the shaft and head from getting damaged while carrying your clubs or during transit. This is especially important for soft putter faces.
  • Alignment Aid – Many putter covers have lines, arrows or other markings that can help with alignment as you position the putter behind the ball.
  • Club Identification – It’s easy to identify your putter with a cover on, which prevents mix-ups if using a rental set or borrowed clubs.
  • Aesthetics – Covers come in fun designs, team logos, etc. that allow you to customize the look of your putter.
  • Resale Value – Keeping your putter protected with a cover will help it maintain value if looking to sell or trade it in the future.
  • Head Security – Tight-fitting covers create a snug fit to keep the putter from falling out of the golf bag.

So while not absolutely essential, a putter cover can be a worthwhile accessory for certain golfers.

Top 3 Mallet Putter Headcovers

Barudan Golf Mallet Putter Cover Headcover

The Barudan mallet putter cover offers a stylish way to protect your putter, but is best suited for those willing to pay a little more for appearance and soft padding over maximum practicality and convenience. The fun designs and premium construction come at a cost.


  • Fits large mallet-style putter heads
  • Made of high-quality faux leather material
  • Lined with plush padding to protect putter face
  • Magnetic closure provides secure fit
  • Fun and stylish design options


  • Only fits larger mallet putters, not compatible with blades
  • Loose magnetic closure may come open in bag
  • Putter adjustability features may be obstructed

VIXYN Mallet Putter Cover

The VIXYN Mallet Putter Cover is a budget-friendly option that offers decent protection for most oversized mallets. While not as plush or fitted as premium covers, it gets the job done for a fraction of the price. Just don’t expect it to be suitable for non-mallet putter shapes.


  • Fits most oversized mallet putter heads
  • Made of water-resistant polyester material
  • Fuzzy lining protects putter face from scratches
  • Magnetic closure for quick on/off and secure fit
  • VIXYN offers a variety of stylish cover options


  • May not fit putters with extreme dimensions
  • Minimal padding compared to premium covers

Callaway Golf Make It Rain Mallet Putter Head Cover

The Callaway Make It Rain mallet putter cover offers weather protection and a fun graphic while protecting your putter. The premium construction comes at a price, so weigh options if seeking basic protection. But for Callaway fans seeking a coordinated, quality cover, it delivers.


  • Designed specifically for mallet-style putters
  • Waterproof nylon exterior protects in wet conditions
  • Plush terry cloth lining prevents clubhead damage
  • Magnetic closure for quick and secure attachment
  • Fun “Make it Rain” text graphic and design
  • Callaway brand known for quality and performance


  • Only fits larger mallet-style putter heads
  • Higher price point than basic putter covers

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