Best Golf Clubs For Beginners: Women’s Top 5

Taking up golf as a beginner can be daunting, especially when it comes to choosing the right golf clubs. Women new to the game benefit greatly from having clubs properly fitted for their swing type and physical build. Using the appropriate clubs makes learning the fundamentals much easier and makes the game more enjoyable.

WILSON Women’s Profile SGI Complete Golf Package Set

The Wilson women’s complete set provides solid technology and playability tailored to beginners at a very reasonable price point. As skills develop, upgrading woods, driver, and putter will help take performance to the next level.


  • Comes with 10 clubs plus a cart bag, offering a complete set for beginners
  • Lightweight graphite shafts help generate clubhead speed for distance
  • Includes hybrids and fairway woods to aid launch and playability
  • Oversized woods have large hitting area for inaccurate hits
  • Very affordable full set for women beginners


  • Irons may lack versatility for developing players wishing to shape shots
  • Putter alignment aid not optimal for all putting strokes
  • Bag stand is slightly flimsy and could be sturdier

Precise M5 Ladies Womens Complete Right Handed Golf Clubs Set

The Precise M5 ladies set offers good value for a complete starter set. However, the generic unisex design means clubs won’t maximize performance for most women. The lack of adjustability limits potential for improvement.


  • Includes all clubs needed as a full set with matching bag
  • Lightweight graphite shafts on woods for faster swing speeds
  • Hybrids replace difficult long irons and aid launch
  • Stainless steel irons provide forgiveness on mishits
  • Mallet-style putter with alignment aid for improved accuracy
  • Affordable price point great for beginners


  • Generic club specifications not tailored for all women’s sizes
  • Lack of adjustability limits ability to customize lofts/lies
  • Minimal technology in woods/irons compared to other sets

Nitro X Factor 13 Piece Golf Set All Graphite Ladies

The Nitro ladies complete set offers suitable clubs for women new to golf at a very budget-friendly price point. However, the one-size-fits-all approach limits specialized performance benefits and long term improvement for women.


  • Lightweight graphite shafts help generate clubhead speed
  • Oversized titanium driver for maximum forgiveness off the tee
  • Fairway woods have larger heads for hitting tee shots
  • Includes hybrids to replace difficult long iron shots
  • Very affordable full set for women beginners


  • Minimal adjustability to customize clubs for proper fit
  • Graphite iron shafts reduce club feedback on mishits
  • Components and bag quality may lack long term durability
  • Won’t accommodate significant skill advancement

TaylorMade Kalea Premier Black Golf Set

The TaylorMade Kalea set is designed for optimal performance specifically for women from beginner to intermediate levels. The premium price tag offers long-lasting, skill-appropriate clubs to match improvement.


  • Designed specifically for women’s swing speeds and sizes
  • Lighter graphite shafts generate faster clubhead speed
  • Irons have low center of gravity for high launch
  • Fairway woods promote playability off turf
  • Hybrids replace hard-to-hit long irons
  • Counterbalanced putter for better stability


  • Significantly more expensive than beginner box sets
  • Full set may contain some clubs beginners won’t use

Strata Women’s Complete Golf Set

The Strata women’s set offers good value as a pre-packaged, full golf club set for female beginners on a budget. It provides playability help over unisex options.


  • Designed specifically for women with lighter, more flexible shafts
  • Oversized driver has large sweet spot for forgiveness
  • Fairway wood easy to launch from tee or fairway
  • Hybrids to replace hard to hit long irons
  • Mallet putter with alignment aids for accuracy


  • Less technology than more premium club sets
  • Limited adjustments available to customize clubs
  • raphite shafts reduce clubhead feel on mishits


Final tips when choosing a beginner golf club set:

  • Get properly fitted for club length, lie angle, shaft flex, and grip size. Women’s builds vary so standard men’s clubs may not fit your swing.
  • Prioritize game improvement club designs that offer more forgiveness on mishits. Cavity back irons and oversized woods help.
  • Seek out lighter graphite shafts, especially for woods/hybrids. Graphite generates faster swing speeds.
  • Replace difficult long irons with high launching, easy to hit hybrid clubs.
  • Putters with alignment aids and mallet heads improve consistency on the greens.
  • Driver lofts over 10.5 degrees launch shots higher for beginners needing carry distance.
  • Choose brands that specifically engineer clubs tailored for women’s sizes and swing speeds.
  • Start with a full, matching set from a known brand rather than piecing together.
  • Be wary of cheap or off-brand sets that seem like amazing deals – quality matters.

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