When to Use 60 Degree Wedge

A 60 degree wedge has a loft of 60 degrees, meaning the face angle is 60 degrees relative to the shaft. This is the highest loft of any mainstream wedge on the market. The extreme loft enables golfers to hit very high, short shots that land softly.

Other common lofts for wedges include:

  • Pitching wedge: 44-48 degrees
  • Gap wedge: 50-54 degrees
  • Sand wedge: 54-58 degrees

So the 60 degree fills a niche for the highest, shortest wedge shots. The sole of a 60 degree wedge is also wider than other wedges, which helps slide cleanly under the ball, particularly from tight lies.

When To Use a 60 Degree Wedge

  • Tight lies around the green. The wide sole helps the club glide under the ball.
  • Flop shots over bunkers or other obstructions. The 60 degree can produce an extremely steep, soft shot.
  • Short shots from tight lies in the fairway. The loft helps get the ball up quickly.
  • Short shots from the rough. Again, the loft helps get the ball airborne.
  • Pinpoint accuracy into the green. The wedge can be swung softly to control distance and trajectory.

When Not To Use a 60 Degree Wedge

  • Longer pitch shots from 30-50 yards. There is such a thing as too much loft, making it harder to control distance.
  • From fluffy, light rough. The sole may cause the club to get stuck.
  • Hard pan lies. Less loft (such as a 56 degree wedge) may work better.
  • High, soft lofted shots from the fairway. Other wedges can achieve similar trajectories.
  • Situations where more rollout on the green is needed. Less loft can allow for longer release.

Proper Usage

The keys to maximizing a 60 degree wedge are proper technique and an understanding of its extremely high and soft ball flight:

  • Focus on making crisp, clean contact to avoid mishits.
  • Keep the follow through extended to allow the loft to work.
  • Use less than a full swing and smooth tempo.
  • Keep the hands forward to reduce closing the clubface.
  • Swing along the target line, avoiding manipulation of the clubface around impact.

Top 3 60 Degree Wedge

Best Value for Money: WILSON Harmonized Golf Wedges

The Wilson Harmonized wedge offers a lot of performance for the price point. The 60 degree is a good fit for budget-conscious golfers wanting a lob wedge, but some players may desire a more premium feeling and forgiving wedge. It provides solid versatility around the greens despite some limitations.


  • Very affordable price point, good value for a 60 degree wedge
  • Classic, clean wedge design that suits a wide variety of players
  • Bounce and sole grind provides versatility around the greens
  • Durable steel construction with chrome plating resists wear and rust


  • Lacks some forgiveness compared to thicker, cavity back wedges
  • Low-spin groove design may produce less spin than some players like
  • Plainer aesthetic compared to some wedges with more polish and shine

Best Mid Range: Callaway Golf Mack Daddy CB Wedge

Callaway Mack Daddy CB wedge delivers premium performance for skilled golfers wanting a forged, versatile 60 degree wedge. The sole grinds and spin technology optimize shot-making ability. The main drawbacks are centered around the higher price and skill required.


  • Forged from soft 1020 carbon steel for excellent feel and shaping ability
  • Higher spin grooves generate more spin and control
  • Multiple sole grind options like S-Grind for versatility around greens
  • Clean chrome plating gives it a premium look and reduces glare
  • Callaway’s renowned wedge groove technology for control and spin


  • Lack of offset may be harder to control for some golfers
  • Not as much camber on sole as some game improvement wedges
  • Squarer toe may go left/right more on mishits than rounded toes

Best Premium: Callaway Golf 2022 Jaws Raw Wedge

The Jaws Raw wedge provides elite short game performance for highly skilled golfers. The spin and versatility excel when shots are flushed. However, the lack of forgiveness and raw finish may make it better suited to low handicappers.


  • Aggressive Jaws grooves generate maximum spin, especially out of the rough
  • Raw finish improves feel and control through pure contact with the ball
  • Multiple bounce and sole grind options like C-Grind for versatility
  • Lightweight carbon steel head allows precise shot-shaping
  • Clean, classic shaping suits a wide variety of golfers
  • Forged feel preferred by better players for softness and feedback
  • Performs well in both dry and wet conditions


  • Very expensive, one of the pricier wedge options
  • Not as forgiving on mishits as cavity back wedge designs
  • Raw feel and sharp grooves not suited to every golfer’s preference
  • Higher maintenance to keep raw finish in good condition


For experienced golfers, the 60 degree wedge can be a valuable and versatile scoring weapon when grooved properly. The combination of its ultra soft landing characteristics and ability to zip under the ball in tight lies makes it a useful specialty club. As with any highly lofted wedge, practice is required to learn its unique launch and spin qualities.

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