5 Best Putters for Beginners

When looking for putters for beginners, there are several key qualities to consider. These qualities can help make the putting experience more enjoyable and effective for beginner golfers:

  • Forgiveness: Beginners may struggle with consistent contact on the center of the putter face. Look for putters with larger sweet spots or perimeter weighting to enhance forgiveness on off-center strikes.
  • Alignment Aids: Putters with alignment lines, dots, or other visual aids can help beginners set up properly and align their putts more accurately.
  • Weight and Balance: The weight and balance of the putter should feel comfortable and suit the golfer’s stroke. Some beginners might prefer a heavier putter for stability, while others might prefer a lighter option for better control.
  • Grip Comfort: The grip should feel comfortable in the golfer’s hands, as a good grip can enhance control and reduce tension during the putting stroke.
  • Price: As beginners may experiment with different putting styles and techniques, investing in an overly expensive putter may not be necessary. There are plenty of affordable options that offer good performance for beginners.

Top 5

1. Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray


  • Forgiving and accurate due to weighted alignment aids 
  • Alignment line on flange helps set up squarely to target
  • Low price point makes it very affordable for beginners
  • Versatile design works well for most green speeds


  • Lacks premium feel and feedback of higher priced putters
  • Grip is a cheaper quality
  • Design may seem too basic for some golfers

2. Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Soft Premier


  • Soft feel insert promotes great feedback and control
  • Variety of alignment aids
  • Higher MOI design for stability and forgiveness
  • Models suit any budget range
  • Reputed for consistent quality control


  • Higher price point than basic starter putters
  • Lacks adjustable weights to customize feel
  • Alignment aids may seem busy for some golfers

3. Odyssey Golf White Hot OG Putter


  • Iconic White Hot insert feels soft yet responsive
  • Heel-toe weighting improves stability and forgiveness
  • Premium construction and quality control
  • Improves consistency in distance control


  • Higher price point
  • Sound and feel won’t suit golfers who prefer firmer feedback
  • Alignment aids may seem minimalist for some players

4. Pinemeadow Golf PGX (Stand) Up Putter


  • Extremely affordable price point
  • Blade style inspires confidence at address
  • Stand up style keeps grip off ground when picked up
  • Balanced weight


  • Lacks premium materials and feel of costlier putters
  • Minimal alignment aids or sight lines on flange
  • Quality control can be inconsistent between units
  • Distance control is not as consistent as other models

5. WILSON Harmonized Putter 


  • Classic blade putter shape builds confidence
  • Alignment aids help with aiming and setup
  • Good weight distribution for solid feel
  • Variety of sizes fit different player heights
  • Budget friendly price point for beginners


  • Lacks premium materials and refined feel
  • Limited customization options
  • Included grip is lower tier quality

Top 3 Tips for Beginner Putting

  • Focus on Alignment and Setup: Proper alignment is crucial for accurate putting. Align your putter face square to your target line and ensure your feet, hips, and shoulders are parallel to the line. Use alignment aids on your putter or practice using a putting mirror to check your setup. A consistent and correct setup will greatly improve your chances of making more putts.
  • Develop a Smooth Putting Stroke: A smooth and pendulum-like putting stroke is essential for distance control and consistency. Avoid jerky or overly forceful movements. Practice swinging the putter back and forth like a pendulum with equal rhythm and length on both the backswing and follow-through. A smooth stroke will help you strike the ball more consistently and improve your overall feel for distance.
  • Work on Distance Control: Distance control is crucial for successful putting. Practice putting from various distances, focusing on getting the ball close to the hole rather than always trying to make the putt. Develop a feel for different distances by practicing lag putts and short putts to gain confidence in your ability to judge the speed of the greens.


For beginners looking for an affordable, forgiving and well-aligned putter, the top choice is the Cleveland Huntington Beach model. It combines helpful alignment cues, great feel and premium quality at reasonable prices for all budgets. The Odyssey White Hot Pro offers the best performance but at a higher price point. Pinemeadow and Ray Cook provide excellent value putters on a very limited budget. The Wilson also makes for a solid starter putter at an attractive cost.

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