5 Best Drivers for Slow Swing Speed

One crucial aspect that can significantly impact a golfer’s performance is swing speed. For players with slow swing speeds, finding the right equipment becomes crucial to achieve optimal distance and accuracy off the tee. Slow swing speeds are more common amongst beginners, women and seniors. We will discuss the 5 best golf drivers for golfers with slow swing speed. These specific clubs will be designed to maximize swing speed by increasing forgiveness, launch trajectory and distance. A perfectly chosen club for your needs is key to game improvement and enjoyment!

How Drivers Can Increase Swing Speed

Modern driver designs assist in building more clubhead speed in several ways:

Lower Center of Gravity

Drivers now have ultra-low centers of gravity (CG) through weighting low on the clubhead and rearwards on the sole. This gets the CG in the optimal spot to increase launch and decrease spin on high-speed impacts. The energy transfers more efficiently into the ball at impact with less twisting.

Lighter Weight

Driver heads keep getting lighter and are now between 185 to 205 grams on average. This allows for faster acceleration through the swing for greater clubhead speed. The total weight combines with the handle and shaft length to provide the ideal balance. Lighter drivers also reduce tension in your hands and arms.

Advanced Aerodynamics

Driver heads feature optimized shaping such as rounded crowns to improve airflow so there is less drag through the swing. This slipperier profile requires less effort to build speed. The textured grooves and ribs on the crown also make the driver more aerodynamic.

Flexible Faces

Thinner, flexible club faces built with titanium alloys are designed to flex more at impact. The extra flex returns more spring-like effect off the face. This trampoline effect translates into greater ball speeds, especially on strikes low on the face.

Premium Shafts

Today’s ultra-light graphite shafts maximize acceleration in transition and provide optimal launch conditions. The flex profiles match to swings under 110 mph all the way up to over 125 mph. Premium shafts optimize energy transfer into ball speed.

Adjustable Hosels

Drivers with adjustable hosels allow personalization of face angle, loft and lie. This custom tuning optimizes launch for your speed and angle of attack for maximum carry distance. Tweaking loft in particular can add yards without altering your swing.

Best Overall: Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver

The Callaway Big Bertha B21 is a great choice for golfers with slow swing speeds. Its primary focus is to provide maximum forgiveness and launch. The driver has an oversized head with a weighting system that stabilizes off-center hits. This ensures that even mis-hits can travel relatively straight and far down the fairway.


  • Maximum forgiveness due to weighting system
  • Low-forward center of gravity increasing higher launch
  • Adjustable hosel


  • Oversized head learning curve
  • Adjustability may not suit golfers who prefer simple setup

Best for Varying Swing Speeds: TaylorMade SiM 2 Max Fairway

The TaylorMade SIM2 Max driver is designed to accommodate a wide range of swing speeds, making it an excellent option for players with slower swings too. The club’s oversized head and lightweight design enable golfers to generate more clubhead speed.


  • Lightweight design
  • Twist Face technology reduces ball speed loss on mishits
  • Inertia Generator enhances forgiveness


  • Premium price point

Best Adjustability: Cobra Golf Radspeed XB Driver

Cobra’s RADSPEED XB driver is specifically crafted for players seeking distance and forgiveness. For golfers with slow swing speeds, this driver’s radial weighting system and a back-weight positioned low and deep in the clubhead significantly increase stability on off-center hits. The RADSPEED XB also boasts an adjustable hosel that enables players to fine-tune launch and trajectory settings.


  • Radial weighting system increases stability
  • Adjustable hosel provides customization options
  • Back-weighted design helps players achieve optimal distance


  • The unique clubhead shape may not appeal to all golfers

Best Price: Wilsons D9 Driver

The Wilson D9 driver is designed to offer a balance of distance, forgiveness, and adjustability to cater to a wide range of golfers, including those with slower swing speeds.


  • Superlight design aids slower swing speed players
  • Adjustable hosel provides customization
  • The PKR crown enhances energy transfer
  • Multi-layer crown construction optimizes forgiveness


  • Adjustability options are limited

Best for Uniqueness: PXG 0311 GEN5 Driver

PXG (Parsons Xtreme Golf) is a brand renowned for pushing boundaries when it comes to golf club design and technology. The PXG 0311 GEN5 driver is no exception. What sets PXG drivers apart is their use of high-quality materials, advanced adjustability options, and unique aesthetics. The lightweight design makes this club a perfect PXG choice for slow swing golfers.


  • Super lightweight design
  • High-performance capabilities
  • Extensive customization options
  • Premium Materials
  • Incorporates innovative technology
  • Sleek and modern design with unique aesthetics


  • High cost due to advanced technology and premium material
  • Adjustability complexity might require professional fitting


Each driver mentioned above caters to golfers with slow swing speeds and offers its differing set of advantages and drawbacks. When choosing the best driver for your game, consider your individual preferences, budget, and the particular features that suit your swing style and varying playing needs.


What is the best slow swing speed shaft?

Look for lightweight graphite shafts with a soft flex profile, high kick-point, and shallow tip section. These attributes maximize energy transfer and launch conditions for slower swingers under 90mph. Getting fit by a professional can be helpful

What is a slow driver swing speed?

A slow driver swing speed refers to clubhead speeds below 90 miles per hour. For male golfers, this typically means swing speeds that fall in the range of 60 to 90 mph. At these slower speeds, factors like launch, spin, and shaft flex become especially important for maximizing distance with the driver.

How can I increase my driver swing speed?

Here are 3 top tips for increasing your driver swing speed:

  1. Improve rotation and separation in the backswing – Turn your shoulders fully on the backswing and resist overturning hips.
  2. Use your body to initiate the downswing – Start the downswing by shifting your weight left and clearing your hips.
  3. Increase wrist hinge and release – Hinge wrists fully at the top and release through impact for added speed.

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